Gatekeepers Security Ministry


The Liberty Hill Baptist Church Gatekeepers Security Ministry’s mission is to safeguard the LHBC family by providing physical and emotional security to its members, visitors and associates when attending Worship Services and functions of the church. The Security Ministry will provide a safe surrounding for church activities that include general physical security of the facilities and parking areas.


The purpose of the LHBC Gatekeepers Security Ministry is to maintain a peaceful, safe environment which is conducive to worshipping, teaching,  learning, working, fellowshipping, and sharing in the word of our Lord and  Saviour.

The LHBC Gatekeepers Security Ministry is responsible for ensuring members and visitors to our church have a sense of safety when arriving and departing our properties.  The Gatekeepers Security Ministry members assist with parking as needed and are available to assist our seniors and physically challenged members and visitors gain access to our church property during our worship services.

We believe that protecting the people, property, resources and ministry God has entrusted to our care is a faithful act of stewardship. The LHBC Gatekeepers Security Ministry will work through its dedicated members to actively encourage the cooperation of the church family to decrease the opportunity for crime and to facilitate maximum member participation to deter criminals so that they never make our church a target.


The LHBC Gatekeepers Security Ministry’s primary function is to:

  • Safeguard and provide a tranquil environment for the   members, first family, visitors, staff and volunteers.
  • Secure the exterior and interior of the church and maintain order during all major church activities.
  • Provide escort services and other basic public assistance as needed.
  • Perform routine security and public safety patrol duties during worship services, bible studies, special services and ministry events.
  • Remain alert at all times in case emergency situations
  • Provide first line response during emergency situations, and are available to diffuse situations that may arise expeditiously and


The LHMBC Gatekeepers Security Ministry goals are to:

  • Provide a safe and secure place to worship.
  • Remove fear from the minds of the members and visitors who attend
  • Provide physical security of the building and its contents and assets
  • Work with local law enforcement agencies as deemed necessary to prevent  crime
  • Be visible and utilize communication to monitor and ensure the safety of our church
  • Provide protection and security for the Pastor and First Family of the church
  • Establish church security procedures and guidelines

Deacon Alphonse Washington

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