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The Media Ministry’s mission is to assist in effectively spreading the Word of God to individuals within and beyond the walls of the church by developing and utilizing various forms of media to instruct and encourage others to worship and glorify God and to become fully established in God’s Words. We are committed to spreading the Word through our stewardship and commitment to God by utilizing our diversified talents, skills, gifts and time to further God’s work.


The Media Ministry’s primary focus is to provide audio and video services. The Media Ministry is responsible for the operation and proper upkeep of audio and visual systems and for production of media products for all church events and services.  The Media Ministry serves every Sunday during worship services.  They also are available to serve all church events that take place, or upon request. The ministry records Sunday services, Bible studies, choir concerts and special programs (Anniversaries, Revivals, Easter and Christmas programs, etc.). These services are provided in various mediums such as CD and DVD.  In the future we plan to provide access to these materials via the


  1. Maintain/set up audio/video equipment
    2.  Record audio/videotape services
    3.  CD/DVD Reproduction/Editing
    4.  Create/generate media labels
    5.  Sale/distribution of media
    6.  Research and recommend the audio needs for the worship center and other facilities.
    7.  Enlist and train sound operators for worship services and special events.
    8.  Provide a maintenance program for upkeep of the equipment.
    9.  Evaluate constantly the audio ministry of church and recommend changes in the audio system.
    10.Make recommendations for maintenance of and new equipment needs.

Information regarding and interested in assisting with this dynamic outreach ministry:

Brother Don Moses


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