Culinary Ministry

Mission Statement: 

The Liberty Hill Baptist Church Culinary Ministry’s mission is to coordinate and prepare a well-balanced menu for church supported activities, occasions and annual fellowship dinners. This  ministry allows women and men to work together to plan, set up, prepare and  serve delicious, nutritious meals to the body of Christ here at Liberty Hill  Baptist Church. We are committed to practice the high quality standards required for health and safety, relative to the preparation and serving of food and beverages. The Culinary Ministry oversees the operation of the kitchen, including its use, cleanliness, and maintenance of the church kitchen and its equipment.


The purpose and responsibility of this ministry is to provide service and assistance to the church family and invited guests. Through prayer, praise and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we strive to glorify God by providing excellence in food service.   We aspire for the love of Jesus Christ to be exemplified in our performance as food service handlers. The Culinary Ministry coordinates and  organizes food and beverages and may be called upon to support and organize food and other items for repast services, receptions and other church supported  functions. Service  includes planning of menus, preparation and set up of food and eating areas and  the coordination of the clean up staff after completion of meals or refreshments. The Culinary Ministry relies on ad hoc assistance from members or the Ministry hosting the event and for special events.

Ministry Contacts:

Carol Stubbs, Ministry Leader

Mother Narvell Wyatt, Emeritus Advisor

Shirley Lewis, Queen Beavers, Shirley Burse, Lisa Burton, Willie Craig, Shirley Craig, Louise Craig, Carlotta Washington, Brenda Washington, Anthony Williams.

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