Legacy of Late Pastor Frederick Haynes

2175 Haynes Family Pics (4)In March 1998 Reverend Frederick L. Haynes became the Pastor of Liberty Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Also in 1998, Liberty Hill was blessed with the first child born to a sitting Pastor with the birth of Phillip Haynes. Associate Ministers under Pastor Haynes include Reverend Louis Wilborn, Reverend Larry Wright, Reverend H.D. Clay, Reverend Mark Williams, Reverend John Holland, and Reverend Luther Evans.
Pastor Haynes ordained Randy Edwards as a deacon and Leonard Ray Tippen as Trustee. Sis. Brenda Jackson-Washington is the church secretary. Pastor Haynes has brought to our congregation a vision of “community”. One of his first accomplishments was to develop the church’s motto: “Winning Souls Holistically for Christ.” This motto is incorporated in all activities we engage in. Pastor Haynes has reached out to neighboring churches and community organizations to encourage partnerships. One of the fruits of his labor is exhibited in our Outreach Ministry.The Path to Liberty, Inc., 501(c)3 non-profit organization is the umbrella for our outreach ministry. The non-profit has coordinated the following ministries:Food Pantry: Provides food to community residents on a per request basis.

Health Ministry: A partnership with St. Vincent’s Hospital. This ministry emphasizes the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit in congregations. Health healing and wellness are provided among the members and people in the wider community age levels.

Prison Ministry: Provide worship service at the Juvenile Justice Center and the State Correctional Facility God is still blessing us with many new talents and spiritual gifts. He has blessed us by adding several new members to our church family. We have come a long way by the grace of God, but we know there is still a lot of work to be done. God blessed us when Betty Jo Lea was appointed Dean, Union District Baptist Congress of Christian Education (CCE) in February 2001, and later appointed Dean of Arkansas Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Congress of Christian Education in November 2007. History was made when she was appointed State Dean, being the first female in the State of Arkansas to hold that position in our State Convention. God has also blessed us to be able to acquire a church van, a house, two lots, new signs, a roof, a sound system and a steeple. We also have two lots donated to us and have begun our first building project. On Sunday, November 3, 2002, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to begin construction of new bathroom facilities. We give God the glory for what He has already done, and pray that He will continue to bless us, and direct our path as we continue to be a Church Sitting on a Hill, Letting its Light Shine.

Say Yes Center: The Inner City Youth Ministry partnership with Immanuel Baptist Church and LT Care Ministries.
Our Father’s Children: A daycare center with an interactive holistic program for children from infancy to adolescents. The daycare center has been temporarily closed.

Girl Scout: A member of Quachita Council with troops for girls of all ages.

In 2004 Pastor Haynes appointed Sis. Carrie Ware, and Sis. Tyraine Williams as trustees. During 2004 we organized a Boy Scouts Troop, and equipped our computer lab with updated software programs and the internet. Our major initiative is the faith sacrifice that members have committed above their tithes and offering to pay off the mortgage of the church building facility. A mortgage burning celebration is scheduled for November 2008. For all of these blessings we give God the glory. We are a church who believes in “Not My Will, But Thy Will Be Done”.

In 2005 Pastor Haynes ordained David Wyatt as a deacon, and appointed Samuel Phillips and Clarence Jones as trustees. Reverend John Holland accepted the call to pastor in 2005. The Fellowship Hall was dedicated and named after the late Deacon Earl Scott, Sr. The front doors of the sanctuary were restored to its natural wood. Glass doors were installed in the foyer of the sanctuary and entrance to the breezeway of the Fellowship Hall.

2006 has been a year of growth for Liberty Hill. We have witnessed many people accepting Christ and joining the Liberty Hill  Church family. In 2006 Reverend Jonathan Payne and Braulio Sandria accepted their call into the ministry while serving under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Haynes. Pastor Haynes appointed Carl Daugherty as a deacon. God has blessed us in acquiring new appliances for our kitchen so that we can expand our food ministry outreach. Our faith sacrifice giving has continued with the goal of celebrating our mortgage burning in 2008.

In 2007 God continued to bless us in witnessing and several people accepted Christ and joined our church family. We began Saturday worship on April 14, 2007 that is targeted for those who are unable to attend services on Sunday. God also blessed us in acquiring property at 1310 Summit Street that was donated by the owner. Our goal again this year is to continue our faith sacrifice offering with plans to celebrate a mortgage burning in 2008. We continue to give God the Glory.

In 2008 we have continued to grow spiritually. We were blessed with several people who came and gave their life to Christ and joined our church family. Our physical plant has been upgraded by the installation of a new heating and air system in the Scott Fellowship Hall. This year was targeted for our mortgage burning, but we have not yet reached this goal. We will continue to work toward it, and give God all the praise for blessing us in this sacrificial offering and allowing us to make tremendous progress in decreasing our mortgage balance. We thank God for this blessing, and will continue to move toward the goal of burning our mortgage debt.

2009 has been one of growth for Liberty Hill. We have continued to add members to our fellowship. Pastor Haynes appointed Sister Vicki Spann as a trustee. Our musical ministry expanded with the addition of a male chorus and a youth male ensemble. Liberty Hill went into partnership with the Little Rock Preparatory Academy Charter School by leasing its educational facility to them. We continue to thank God for his many blessings.

In 2010 we focused on outreach in our neighboring community, and God blessed us by adding many souls to the congregation. Pastor Haynes appointed Josephine Marshall as a trustee. Jesse Diamond and Scottie White accepted their call into the Ministry while serving under the pastoral leadership of Reverend Haynes. Pastor Haynes ordained Clarence Jones, and Alphonse Washington as deacons. Our musical/drama ministry continues to grow and this year we added a youth Mime and Praise Dance team. We  are thankful to God for His continued blessings, and look forward to increasing our outreach efforts in the community He has placed us in. To God Be the Glory!

2011 has been a year of refocusing. Pastor Haynes “State of the Church Address” was entitled “Get Plugged In”. This year is the beginning of intensifying efforts to maximize our ministry impact in every area. The goal is that all members be involved in a ministry so they can be Available, Accountable, and with an Assignment. God blessed us this year by adding many souls to our congregation. Tracy Livingston accepted the call into the Ministry, and we have continued to add to our Deacon Ministry to assist with the outreach efforts of the congregation. This year, Grant Sanders and James Scott were ordained as Deacons. We are thankful and grateful for God’s continued blessings as He directs our path. To God, be the Glory.

2012 has been a GROWING year for Liberty Hill. We are thankful to the Lord for the continuous addition of members to our Church family. To God we give all the“Glory”. Our continued focus is that all members actively be involved in a Ministry of the church. This year we added a new Ministry, “the Family Ministry”, whose focus is to stay abreast of all members and actively engage them in the activities of the church. We are continuing to incorporate our three prong approach of being Available, Accountable, and will accept the Assignment that God has directed us to. Freddie Scott Sr. and Gary Austin accepted the call into the Ministry. We are thankful to God for the blessings He has given us in providing the resources to make improvements on our campus. This year we purchased two vans, enlarged and repaved our parking lots, and repaired the roof on our Education Building. We are thankful to God for His continued blessings. To Him we give all the  praises.

2013 has continued to be a “GROWTH” year for Liberty Hill. We have added 71 new members to our membership this year. We have a goal of adding 300 men to our congregation by 2014 and to date we have 140.  To God we give the Glory. This year we extended our outreach efforts through the use of media (Church’s website and email correspondence). The Family Ministry has continued to increase our ability to outreach to those who are unable to attend church on a regular basis because of illness and other obligations. Our three prong approach of members being Available, Accountable, and Willing to accept God’s Assignment continues to be an outreach strategy that works for us.  Upgrading our church facility is still a priority and this year we were able to remodel our kitchen by upgrading the appliances and the flooring. We continue to thank God for His blessings. To Him we give all the “GLORY and Praises”.

 2014 has been a bountiful year of growth for Liberty Hill. In February, Pastor Haynes ordained Reverend Gary Austin, Reverend Tracy Livingston and Reverend Freddie Scott Sr. We added 64 new members to our church family. One of our continuous goals is to add a minimum of 300 additional men to our congregation. To date, we have added 162 toward this goal. This year we were approved to become one of Baptist Health Community Outreach Wellness Centers and Screening Sites. Our Wellness Center provides various screenings and health services. The Clinic is open the 2nd Monday each month from 3- 6 p.m. We instituted a “Liberty Hill” Scholarship for our graduating high school seniors. Enrichment Classes were developed by our Christian Education Ministry and held on Wednesday night, and covered a variety of topics for all ages of our congregation and community. Property was acquired at 1312 South Schiller Street. To God “We give the GLORY”

2015 –was a continuous year of growth for Liberty Hill.  We added 68 members to our church family, including two ministers, Rev. Wilborn Trimble and Rev. Nathan Alexander.  Rev. Alexander delivered his first sermon on Sunday, May 31, 2015.  We continued our goals of adding a minimum of 300 men to our congregation.  By 2015, we added 171 toward this goal.  Community Outreach and Engagement was a vital focus of our ministry.  We provided outreach services in the following Community Initiatives:  Senior Nutrition Activity Program (SNAP), Baptist Health Community Clinic, Food Bank and the Clothes Closet.  Our Administrative Area was renovated to include separate offices for the Finance Clerk and Membership Clerk.   The Library was converted into an office for the Church Secretary.

2016 – was a year of growth and celebration.  77 new members were added to our church family.  After worshiping in the Fellowship Hall for three months, we returned in October to a newly renovated sanctuary, which included a new pulpit, pews, carpet and a state of the art medial system.

We celebrated our 100th Church Anniversary on November 13th.  Our Theme was “An Exceptional Past With An Extraordinary Future”.  Rev. John Modest Miles, former Pastor of Liberty Hill, was our special guest.  Our Outreach Efforts were expanded to include “The Angel Tree Program”,  which allows us to assist in providing Christmas gifts to children of incarcerated parents.

2017 – was a year of abundant growth.  We’re thankful for the addition of 47 members to our church family during that year, which included 16 candidates for baptism.  We expanded our  Mission Ministry to include missionary efforts in Uganda.  We also partnered with Rev. Paul Shackleford and CRU Here’s Life Inner City Ministry.  We thank God for providing the resources needed to make improvements to our Education Building, purchasing new drapes for our Fellowship Hall, and railing for both the Pulpit and Fellowship Hall.  Liberty Hill served as host for the Union District Congress of Christian Education Annual Session, July 17-20, 2017.

On Sunday, August 27, 2017, the Liberty Hill Church Family suffered a devastating loss.  Our Pastor for 19 years, Reverend Frederick L. Haynes transitioned from his earthly home to his heavenly reward.

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